We specialize in John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach successfully integrating its triad of hands-on MFR, Unwinding and Rebounding into Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Yoga.

We invite you to come in and take the journey that will change your life!

“The issues are in your connective tissues, your fascia!” Myofascial Release (MFR) finds the cause of our issues while treating the neuromuscular symptoms of our body, restless mind and spirit.

Our body is originally meant to be fluid but when stress, trauma or injuries from surgeries / physical issues arise, we lose our flexibility creating restrictions, pain or even inflammation.

At MFR YOGA, whether you need a yoga session or a hands-on MFR treatment, we facilitate and guide you through releasing fascial issues so you can live fully and feel good in your body.





Common Questions:

Why is my therapist treating my whole body rather than my specific area of pain?

The traditional & linear approach to healing was to “fix” the symptoms instead of finding and treating the cause of the problem. Also, it usually overlook the effect of consciousness has on the healing process. The MFR philosophy is to look at the entire person (who has mind, body and spirit), not to just focus on where the symptoms are.  MFR treats the “being” of a human being.

Why are my symptoms feeling worse?

What you are experiencing is the “healing crisis” or “therapeutic gain” – sometimes you feel worse before you get better. This process last around 2-3 days, but can go on longer for some. Why does this happen? This occurs as you begin to release into the deeper layers of fascial restrictions, not only can the symptoms intensify, but also other sensations or emotions may come to surface.This is your body’s way of bringing awareness into what you are actually dealing with everyday, but you “tuned-out” and “don’t feel” over time to avoid pain. At times, it can feel like you are taking 2 steps back and 1 step forward or zig-zagging or turning in circles in your healing.

What should I do if I have a flare up?

It can be scary when we experience healing crisis. Always remember-MFR is never injurious. Use the self treatment techniques your therapist taught you combined with a regular therapy sessions will help progress your healing. Spend some quiet time bringing awareness into your body, try to sink deeper into whatever feelings comes up and give yourself permission to do and feel what you need in order to heal.



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