What to Wear

JFB Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques are performed by gently placing the therapist’s hands over the patient’s skin that is being treated.

Therefore, we recommend patients to bring in or wear elastic waisted shorts during treatment. (We provide shorts to borrow if you forget one)

Ladies, also wear sports bra with thin straps for easy access on neck, shoulders and back area for treatment.

Oil or lotions are NOT used during Myofascial Release Treatment. Do not apply oil, lotion or wear heavy make-up/ perfume before your session. Come with a clean body.

What your initial & follow up visits will be like

On your first MFR session, you will fill out Q & A paperwork necessary to document why you need our skilled therapy treatment, giving us permission to treat you, receive postural analysis, education on MFR related topics and hands-on treatment. This will take approximately 1.5 hrs.

During your treatment, the therapist will apply gentle but sustained pressure on the area being treated to release fascial tightness.

This will feel like ” hands sinking and making an imprint on a soft clay.” True MFR is never forced. This gentle pressure can bring about sensations of warmth, cold, pulsing, tingling, pulling or even pain or discomfort on the area and/or other parts of the body. We encourage you to observe these expected responses of the body during hands-on treatment.

We will guide you through this experience. We invite you to feel these “fascial talk” so you can “tune in” or bring awareness into your body.

We encourage you to unwind or naturally move your body while being treated to enhance the MFR structural work creating deeper releases.

After the treatment session, the frequency of your visit is determined by the severity of your symptoms, determination to quickly heal and your ability to follow through with your home program. This may range from 5 times a week to once a week. Have a visual and written goals of your healing journey for a sense of direction and purpose.

We will teach you how to start your own MFR home practice so you can continue to empower yourself with tools and knowledge to heal yourself.

Your journey is unique to you. We are committed to provide you the guidance and support you need.

 ATTENDANCE: We do not charge for a “missed” visit. We need you to honor the time your therapist allotted for your healing. We strongly recommend calling us at least 24 hrs to cancel your appointment as other clients may be in our waiting list. We reserve the rights to discontinue your therapy sessions on grounds of dishonoring the time given to you by “no show / no call” attitude, lewd act or language and improper exposure of self.

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